Forums » LAGTV SC2 channel » Looking for a specific NovaWar rant; "Never put your d**k in crazy"


It has been ages since I heard this rant but it stuck to me in a way I cannot understand.
I am not able to specify when i first heard this, only that it was early in their YT days, nor what matchup it was. Only throwing a bob in the water and hoping that someone will be able to recognise a long, long rant about how one is not supposed to lay with a crazy chick no matter how hot she is and the final words were something that his father told, something about 

"Don't put your dick in crazy."

Again, I'm sorry that I'm not able to specify anything at all really, just hoping that someone recognises this and has it bookmarked or something.

Much Love
I've seen it in last 60days but I watched too many of their starcraft videos in that time to be able to tell which one was it. Good luck with the search.

Hey Snickerino, if you find the video, let me know. I am interested in the video now (as I think that I have never watched this video before) and will try to find it.