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Hi guys,

Long time supporters first time posting.
I have been watching all your replays via youtube for years and recently subscribed to your twitch. i feel real sad when you are losing subscribers and viewers. shit hits the fan when i watched  Will Cheese Fail Cold Cast Marathon 7 Game 12. I just felt that there were merely too many bad replays being casted. I apologise for being blunt here but i hate to see you guys getting so little views because of shit replays. you guys rox and dont let the shit replays drag you guys down.

May i suggest that MaximusBlack to start watching replays and screen through replays first before casting? not just relying on the replays that others sent (15 replays mentioned in the game) Lots of players thought they have good replays but some wood league players should just stay there.

As much as i love the stories and the shits thats going on, especially when MaximusBlack's smoke detectors went off due to his taco bombs, i would like to see some real cheese going on in the game as well.
This is just my 2 cents bros. no offense meant but the replays has been bad and they werent because of the casters.

    Yeah, I got some really good replays that didn't get casted at all, and I it would be cool if you could really check out some replays and not pick random ones to cast.       

    I almost missed this post because it was getting buried with all the spam...

    Here is a reddit post about a similar issue with LAGTV

    Part of the reason LAGTV's quantity has declined is because it is simply not worth the effort maintaining the channel. Honestly, if Adam and Jeff did not care for the LAGTV community they would have abandoned the channel like every other Starcraft commentator. But because of how close the LAGTV community is, Adam and Jeff feel obliged to continue doing content for us, and God bless them for that. 

    As for the quality, it's because StarCraft as a whole is stagnant. Not many good replays are being submitted, and Adam and Jeff have to go to the bottom of the fish barrel to get at least 20 games, with most to games being utter rubbish. The Analyst system of game checking has failed, and after all this is a Cold Cast Marathon, which means Adam and Jeff want to go back to casting random crap LAGTV style, like Inbox to Icebox. 

    If you're game isn't casted, make sure to save them and submit them for the next Cold Cast Marathon. Honestly, sponsors for Starcraft tournaments started freezing two years ago and it is almost near absolute zero, I would be surprised if Adam and Jeff even find anybody else to continue sponsoring these tournaments for us. 

    maybe we should start cheesing ourselves.
    hahaha or maybe another LagTV tournament?

    and yes, God bless them for not abandoning us.