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MaximusBlack (The FellowShip Of The Bouses)
Want to ask the bouse a question? Info about stream, channels and more!
Last Post: Creating a game - "IWBTBouse" by YouseR 15 days ago
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LAGTV SC2 channel
Talk all about the SC2 casts that comes from LAGTV.
Last Post: Looking for a specific NovaWar rant; "Never put your d**k in crazy" by BlobyTwo 2 months ago
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The War Council
The home of the Faithful 100 and the NovaWar stream community!
Last Post: The 12 Days of War Council Christmas by SgtDragon 6 months ago
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General LAGTV
Want to talk about something that's not channel specific? Here's where to put it!
Last Post: LAG TV PODCAST by Stuka87 6 days ago
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LAGTV2 Channel
Talk all about everything that comes from LAGTV's second channel.
Last Post: LagTV VS by MaximusYellow over 2 years ago
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Talk all about Events made by Adam and Jeff.
Last Post: The used xinke-casting Bucket Teeth by jxburgmann 6 months ago
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All The Things
Talk about all the things!
Last Post: Elitist Quotes by WingsEdge 17 days ago
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Talk all about E-sport events and more.
Last Post: It was a crazy game by georgagi 5 months ago
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Community Random Game Streams
Title says it all, read the rules before posting!
Last Post: Tom Brady battle back patriots conquer Brown by BlobyTwo 5 months ago
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Community MOBA Streams
Title says it all, read the rules before posting!
Last Post: Streaming HOTS... Looking for friendly players to play with by Halazzii over 1 year ago
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Community SC2 Streams
Title says it all, read the rules before posting!
Last Post: Makarimorph Quest to Master league by Terratron over 1 year ago
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Community YouTube Channels
For all Community Youtubers
Last Post: Jim O’Neil upon DL personal injury, OLB Tank, Todd Gurley by sowevyn 5 months ago
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Anything Hearthstone related goes here!
Last Post: Swarm Hosts in action by toadofsteel over 1 year ago
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All things League of Legends, DotA2, and HoN! Talk about the latest Champions, patch notes, etc.
Last Post: Heroes of the Storm Replays? by LunarStorm about 2 years ago
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For all things Starcraft! Talk about the latest patch notes, recent news, the community
Last Post: Zerg starting build orders. by GaucheR 4 months ago
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General Gaming
Talk about everything in the gaming world.
Last Post: LAGTV Destiny Clan by Z3R0Destroyer 7 months ago
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All things Minecraft! Talk about the latest builds, patches, custom maps etc.
Last Post: Adam's lagcraft music by exstock 10 months ago
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Starcraft Strategies
Theorycraft, discuss and debate anything and everything related to Starcraft strategy
Last Post: Someone posted an image that I made on Starcraft Reddit, now it's the top post. by SuicidalZerg about 1 year ago
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Everything rust
Last Post: Get Fuk'd Bud by TooTsaka over 2 years ago
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Talk about Playstation games.
Last Post: Sony changes Terms of Service regarding sale of used games by Assassamilation over 3 years ago
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Talk about Xbox games.
Last Post: Destiny Thread! by SkylineSC over 2 years ago
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Talk about all the nintendo consoles and games.
Last Post: Thinking of buying a Wii U on boxing day by Nicknero1405 about 3 years ago
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Handheld / Mobile
Talk about games you can carry around.
Last Post: Swope Park Rangers occur up small versus OKC by MaximusYellow 6 months ago
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Talk about PC games and stuff in general.
Last Post: Steam Please, my Wallet.... by JamesGoblin 10 months ago
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Tell us about your softwares.
Last Post: Looking for a new Video editing/encoding software by mxffiles 2 days ago
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Tell us about your hardwares.
Last Post: What's causing my starcraft to lag? by rickchristine about 1 year ago
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Hey all you budding artists! If you have any fan art, this is the place to put it! Any fan art found outside of this thread will be moved or deleted. We want it all right here, baby!
Last Post: Minecraft Models by Colemanator about 1 year ago
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You think you're funny, HUH!? Well we do too and we want to see your funny! This is where you can post all your LAGTV ism related memes that you've been hiding forever. SHOW US THE FUNNY!
Last Post: Yolossus by dave over 3 years ago
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General Art
Have fancy art stuff you want to talk about or show people? This is the place for you!
Last Post: LagTV Tees by samuelmonat 11 months ago
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Come here for suggestions about the website.
Last Post: [FORUM] by WillHawkins about 3 years ago
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Spam Reports
Report spam from general users or bots here.
Last Post: Another contentless thread. by FlexN about 3 years ago
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This thread is focusing on requests, not suggestions.
Last Post: Falcons at Dolphins assessment: 3 Winners, 3 Losers for Miami by Toronto 6 months ago
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Questions & Concerns
Post your questions and concerns here.
Last Post: I uploaded a replay twice and can´t delete one by TurricanNP 12 months ago
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Moderation Appeals
Post your moderation appeals here.
Last Post: Appeals towards NitroburnerX by NitroburnerX about 3 years ago
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Report Bugs
Report bugs that you find on the site.
Last Post: Site is Vulnerable to the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug by WillHawkins almost 3 years ago
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Stream TO/Ban Appeals
Your place to appeal any time-outs (TO) or bans from either Jeff or Adam's stream. Please read the rules.
Last Post: TO/Ban Appeals for MaximusBlack's Channel by SouthAfAsh over 2 years ago
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User FAQ
Come here to find general help and rules.
Last Post: where can I find the status of my uploaded replay? by macsimilian 2 months ago
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